Live From The Old World Ep. 10 - High Elves vs Tomb Kings


By the time the fleet approached the sands of The Land Of The Dead, the Skycutter had already done a few rounds nearby and noticed no movement - from neither a being that was alive or undead. The fleet had stopped north of the great city of Zandri, near the mouth of the Great Mortis River. The Eagle Eye Bolt thrower crew gave the thumbs up and Rinuthel, the Sea Helm in charge of the expeditionary force, gave the go-ahead to disembark. As the Sea Guard began unloading the horses and equipment, Aletherell, the Archmage, noticed something in the distance and alerted the Skycutter crew.

The Roc flew swiftly ahead. The Eagle Eye Crew could barely hang on from the speed and the wind. As they moved over the dunes, the picture became clear: An undead force had taken notice of the intrusion.


3x3 Table

1200 pts

Battle Line


High Elves

Archmage - Lvl 4 of Beasts. Book of Ashur, Talisman of Preservation.
Spells: Wyssan's Wildform (+1 Str & 1 tough.), Flock of Doom (D6 Str 2 Hits), Pann's Impenetrable Pelt (+3 Toughness to Wizard), Savage Beasts of Horrors (+3 Str & +3 Attacks on Wizard).
Sea Helm - BSB - Light Armour & Shield & Bow.

20x Sea Guard w/shields & FC
5x Ellyrian Reavers w/ Spears & Bows

15x Swordmasters w/ FC
1x Skycutter w/Eagle Eye bolt Thrower

Tomb Kings

1x Liche Priest - Lvl 2 of Neherkara. Talisman of Preservation
Spells: Incantation of Desert Wind (Exta move), Incantation of Righteous Smiting (+1 Attacks to unit)
1x Tomb Prince- Great Weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel (2+Armour save)

10x Skeleton Archers w/ Musician
3x Skeleton Chariots w/Musican and Standard Bearer
5x Skeleton Horse Archers

25x Tomb Guard w/Halberds & FC

1 x Casket of Souls
1x Screaming Skull Catapult


High Elf: 1st time using my new High Elf army really. I had to overcompensate due to lack of models and went with an Archmage lvl 4, but I'm lacking bodies.

Tomb Kings:  Can I still be strong in the magic phase, even though he has a lvl 4, and I have the casket?


The battlefield featured a chapel in disrepair in the middle of the field towards the Tomb King deployment, a hill on the left flank of the Tomb Kings and two forests on the side of the High Elves.
Tomb Kings deployed with Casket & Catapult at opposite ends of the battlefield. In the middle, the archer bunker with the Liche Priest and to each side, the chariots & Tomb Guard.
The High Elves formed in the forest hoping to avoid some damage (forgetting that TKs always hit on 5s) and favoring the right flank with the Reavers, who chose not to vanguard, and the Skycutter.



Charges: Ellyrian Reavers charge Skeleton Horse Archers

Movement: Swordmasters & Sea Guard move up, but don't march. Skycutter moves up a bit to shoot at Chariots.

Magic: A weak magic phase sees High Elves get 3 dice, vs 2 for the Tomb Kings. Wyssan's Wildform goes off on Reavers.

Shooting: Sea Guard shoot at Chariots and produce 1 wound. Skycutter shoots at chariots and misses.

Combat: Reavers are Str 5, given the spears and Wyssan's Wildform. They take down 3 Horse Archers but lose one in turn. Combat Resolution sees Skeleton Horse Archers lose by 3 and the unit crumbles to dust. Reavers reform.

Reavers win combat

Reavers win combat


Charges: none

Movement: Tomb Guard & Chariots move up their respective "M". Skeleton Archers take cover behind wall.

Magic: Another weak magic phase as both players get 3 dice. Tomb King player forgot to roll extra D3 for Casket. Liche Priest attempts Incantations of Righteous Smiting but is dispelled by the powerful Archmage.

Shooting: Skeleton Archers and Chariots together kill 2 Swordmasters. Catapult aims at Skycutter and the Roc takes a skull to the face for 5 wounds - killing it.

Screaming Skull Catapult hits the skycutter!

Screaming Skull Catapult hits the skycutter!


Charges: none.

Movement: Swordmasters move up about 11-12'' from Tomb Guard. Ready to charge next turn and leaving a longer charge for them. Sea Guard to the same to chariots staying about 15'' away.
Reavers move next to catapult and prepare to charge next turn.

Manuvering around the Tomb Guard for a charge.

Manuvering around the Tomb Guard for a charge.

Magic: A stronger magic phase sees the Archmage get 7 dice, and the Liche Priest get 6. Archmage attempts Savage Beasts of Horrors on himself and is dispelled.
Wyssan's Wildform goes off on Swordmasters.
Flock of Doom goes off on Chariots but no wounds.

Shooting: Sea Guard fail to produce a wound as do the Reavers.


Charges: None
Tomb King General Explanation: I'm out-shooting the High Elves, I could charge in, but don't need to. Another round of shooting and casket could make a difference.

Movement: Tomb Guard & Chariots move up slightly.

Magic: A strong magic phase sees the Liche Priest and the Casket gain 11 dice, versus the Archmage's 6.
Liche Priest attempts Incantation of Righteous Smiting but is dispelled.
Casket's Light Spell goes off on Swordmaster who roll an 11 on 3 dice and fail by 3, resulting in three deaths.

Shooting: Skeleton Archers & Chariots aim at Swordmasters and produce 3 additional wounds.


Charges: All of them! Swordmasters & Sea Guard charge Tomb Guard. Reavers charge catapult.

Movement: None.

Magic: Archmage gets 8 dice vs the Liche Priest's 6.
Wyssan's Wilsform goes off on Swordmasters again.
Savage Beasts of Horrors goes off - Liche Priest channels every dice to dispel but is unable to. The Archmage gains +3 Str and +3 Attacks.

Combat: Reavers manage one kill of the Catapult's Crew, who can't do much of anything in return. Combat Resolution sees the catapult and its crew crumble to dust.
Sea Helm attacks first and manages 1 wound. Archmage also manages 1 wound only.
Sea Guard do 0 - zero - wounds. Swordmasters in turn do 5 wounds.

Tomb Prince misses completely. Tomb Guard do 7 wounds in return.

Combat Resolution has both getting 7 wounds, but High Elves have charge, an extra rank and BSB. Tomb Guard lose by 3 and crumble by the same amount.


Charges: Chariots charge the Sea Guard's flank.

Magic: Liche Priest gets 4 dice, but is boosted by casket for a total of 7. Archmage gets 3.
Smiting goes off with 6 dice on Tomb Guard with very high numbers. Archmage can't channel enough to dispel it. Forgot to bring Tomb Guard back from the dead.

Combat: Chariots Impact Hits roll is 5, 5 and 4 for 14 hits. Resulting in 7 kills before battle even begins!
Sea Helm manages no wounds. Archmage gets 1 wound to go through. Sea Guard manage 1 kill as well.
Swordmasters come through mightily with 8 kills.


Tomb Prince hits but doesn't manage to wound again.
Chariots on the charge inflict an additional 3 wounds.
Tomb Guard manage 4 kills.

Combat Resolution sees the High Elves lose by 4 requiring a re-rollable 5 on two dice to stay. Both Swordmasters & Sea Guard fail their tests.

Chariots pursue Sea Guard and effectively catch them as they're boarding their ships again.
Swordmaster escape from the Tomb Guard and board their ships as well and sail away.

The expeditionary force has taken massive losses, so they begin their journey back to Lothern.


High Elves: Well, as usual when you bring a brand new model to the table, the Skycutter ate it 1st turn. That immediately left me with 1 real threat in the Swordmaster. I probably should have been more aggressive from the get-go and marched up to meet the TKs by turn 2. That extra turn hurt a bit. Using a Lore of Beasts Archmage wasn't bad, but didn't swing the battle either way. Savage Beasts of Horrors didn't do too much. Though having Wyssan's Wildform off most of the game on a unit helped. Just more to learn. Need more units! More painting and assembling to come!

Tomb Kings: Having shooting superiority helped a bit. Catapult took Skycutter out turn 1 which was good. Tomb Guard did their job nicely and the chariots with 14 impact hits was a big help. After I lost the 1st round of combat, I was nervous. But with Smiting and the flanking charge on the subsequent turn, I was confident I could take it.


What did you think of the battle? Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for reading!