Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report: Dwarfs vs Orcs & Goblins


Having spotted a pair of Goblin Wolf Rider scouts, Aldrik the Runesmith asked the Thane from Clan Dulrok to assemble his clan and neighbors to the defense of the hold in the face of the incoming green menace!


2000 pts

Battle Line



General – Runesmith w/Master rune of Balance, 1x Rune of Iron, 1x Rune of Stone
Master Engineer w/GW + Rune of Stone
Thane BSB w/Master Rune of Grugni + shield.

20x Longbeards w/shields & FC. Rune of Stoicism.
15x Thunderers w/shields, musician and STD.

20x Ironbreakers w/FC. Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Sanctuary.
1x Grudge Thrower w/ Rune of Accuracy and Rune of forging
1x Cannon w/rune of forging

1x Organ Gun w/rune of accuracy
10x Irondrakes w/FC & 2x rune of slowness

Orcs & Goblins

Savage Orc Great Shaman, Lore of da Big Waaagh! w/ Lucky Shrunken Head & Fencer Blades.

Black Orc Big Boss w/BSB and Banner of Swiftness.

5x Goblins Wolf Riders w/spears
5x Goblins Wolf Riders w/spears
40x Savage Orc Big Uns’ w/ Additional Hand Weapon

12x Trolls
25x Black Orcs w/Musician & Standard Bearer

1x Doom Diver Catapult
2x Orc Lobbas




This has been my go-to army composition as of late, with two strong defensive blocks in the Ironbreakers & Longbeards. Prior to seeing his army, I figured to bring Irondrakes & Organ Gun with rune of Burning to go after Trolls. What I didn’t plan for though were 12 (TWELVE!) Trolls.

I had seen the popular Savage Orc Big Un’ Horde with 5++ ward in battle reports, but hadn’t faced it myself, so I had no idea as to how they’d perform against some of my units but was fearful of the high number of attacks.

Do I have the units to take on his two VERY strong units?

I opted for the extra wound and Master rune of Balance instead of a dispel scroll, and wasn’t sure if that would come back to haunt me!

Orcs & Goblins

The idea behind my army was that of a strong double threat with 2 main units (The trolls and a big block of Savage Orc Big Un’s). For the trolls, I first began thinking of making an unit of 8 but after considering the possible shooting they could face, and knowing I needed/wanted at least 6-8 to make it into combat, I opted for 12 (Plus, I had the models and hadn’t fielded them all together yet!) For the Savage Orc Big Un’ horde, I chose a unit of 40 so, again, at least 30 would get into combat after shooting casualties.

The Savage Orc Great Shaman with the Shrunken Head gives his units a 5++ ward and the BSB is here just in case of failed animosity or stupidity. My goal for the artillery was as distraction for HIS artillery and to deal with possible gyrocopters.

Lastly, I grabbed two chaff units and with the extra points, added a small-ish group of Black Orcs to handle any smaller unit he might have – Thunderers, Quarrellers, etc.

After deploying I thought I had an advantage as I did not think any of his units were capable of individually killing my trolls or savage orcs . I was surprised by his lack of chaff/redirectors/gyrocopters. 1-2 gyrocopters could have ruined my day.


With only three items of scenery, the battleground was rather open. The Dwarfs set up with their shooting units on the flanks. The Longbeards were deployed across from the Savage Orc Big Un’s, while the Ironbreakers faced the Trolls & Black Orcs. The Irondrakes were deployed last, facing the Trolls.




Charges: None.

Movement: Thunderers reform to deal with Goblin Wolf Riders on the left flank.

Magic: LOL!

Shooting: Grudge Thrower fires at Orc Lobba #1 and misses. Cannon fires at Doom Diver and misses. Irondrakes fire at Goblin Wolf Riders and kill 3. Remaining two do not flee. Organ Gun fires at Black Orcs, killing 4.

Combat: None.


Charges: None.

Movement: Goblin Wolf Riders on right flank move up, but can’t get out of Thunderers firing arc. Surviving two Wolf Riders move up to block Organ Gun.

All other units march up.


Magic: Orc Great shaman channels the winds very well with a double 6, for 12 dice. Runesmith is unable to channel or steal with the Master Rune of Balance.

3 Dice are thrown at Headbutt, which goes off but is dispelled by the the chants of the Runesmith.

3 Dice are thrown at Gaze of Mork, which goes off in the direction of the Thunderers flank and kills 3.

6 Dice are then thrown at Foot of Gork, which goes off and lands on top of the Ironbreakers, killing 7. Note: Dwarf player forgot 6++ from Banner Rune of Sanctuary.

Shooting: Orc Lobba #1 fires at Grudge Thrower but misses. Orc Lobba #2 fires at Grudge Thrower and hits, killing the crew and the war machine outright. Doom Diver aims at Irondrakes, landing a hit on one of ‘drake’s faces, who dies from his injuries.


Combat: None.



Charges: None.

Movement: Longbeards & Ironbreakers move back 1.5’’ inches in obvious Dwarf fashion.

Magic: LOL!

Shooting: Thunderers aim at Goblin Wolf Riders, who’s fast movement helps in avoiding casualties. Organ Gun is forced to shoot at remaining Wolf Riders, who die a firey death. Irondrakes aim at Troll and take 2 wounds off 1 troll. Cannon aims at Doom Diver, and a direct hit results in its death. Irondrakes kill 1 troll.


Combat: None.

Orcs & Goblins

Animosity: Goblin Wolf Riders fail, but get a 6, resulting in a full move that ends up being on the Thunderer’s flank, and can still charge.

Charges: Wolf riders charge Thunderers’ flank.

Movement: Having long bomb charges on all units, instead of charging, all units march up.

Magic: The Savage Orc Shaman once again channels very strong winds of magic, for a total of 11 dice. One of which is stolen by the runesmith’s chants. 10v7.

Headbutt is aimed at the Runesmith which goes off with very high numbers. The runesmith braces for the hit, and is injured, losing two wounds. (Rune of Iron had given him an extra wound).

The Orc Shaman throws 3 dice at Gaze of Mork, which goes off, but fails to wound the longbeards.

6 dice are then thrown at another foot of Gork, which goes off irresistibly. Miscast results in a wound on the Savage Orc Shaman, but his Ward Save saves him. The Foot of Gork is unstable as a result of the miscast, and scatters off, barely hitting Longbeard, who perishes.


Shooting: Both Orc Lobbas aim at the Organ Gun, but both miss.

Combat: Thunderers fail to wound the Wolf Riders (only two were able to attack), and Wolf riders do as well. Combat result sees 2 points for the Goblins (charge & flank) vs 1 for the Thunderers (banner). Thunderers are forced to do a break test, which they pass. They attempt to reform, but fail.



Charges: Longbeards & Ironbreakers make a fast turn (for a Dwarf) and double charge Savage Orc Big’Uns.

Movement: Irondrakes move slightly towards Trolls.

Magic: LOL!

Shooting: Irondrakes & Organ Gun both aim at Trolls with their flaming attacks and produce 8 wounds, killing two and leaving a 3rd one with just 1 wound. Cannon aims at Trolls as well, as its in their flank!! It HITS! And then… a roll of a 1 on the “To Wound” roll means, no wounds at all.


Combat: Goblins managed to kill 2 Thunderers who fail to wound in return, again, with only 1 Thunderer attacking. However, they don’t run away and are able to reform, ensuring all Thunderers are able to attack next turn.

The massive combat begins with the swings of the Thane’s battle axe, producing 2 wounds. The Black Orc Big Boss attacks the Ironbreakers, with 1 falling. Longbeards and Ironbreakers target the Savage Orc Big Un’ unit and produce an additional 8 wounds. In return, the Savage Orc Big Un’ produce an astonishing 14 wounds, with 6 Ironbreakers falling, in addition to 8 Longbeards.

Orcs win combat, but Dwarfs are stubborn and hold.


A mistake was made here – We tested for a break test on the Ironbreakers, forgetting they were stubborn thanks to banner and they failed the wrongly-taken test. Assuming the death of the BSB and the Ironbreaker unit, we decide to hold and chat about the game for a bit as we presumed it was over.


After we had started putting some of the army back into their boxes for travel, we realized the Ironbreakers were stubborn, so we went back to see if we should re-play from then on.

We agreed that Trolls likely would have charged the side of the depleted Ironbreakers, and without the “hatred” and Strength 5 of the charge, the Longbeards likely didn’t have what was needed to take on the rest of the Savage Orc Big Un’ horde.

While the game could have kept going – you never know what the dice might do, we were running short on time, so we decided to call it as it stood with an Orc & Goblin Victory.



Many grudges were added to the book today! A tough game that I think was already partially clever army composition on his end. I simply didn’t have an answer for his two huge blocks. I figured the Organ Gun and Irondrakes could do some work on maybe 6 Trolls, but 12? My blocks simply weren’t big enough to deal with the Savage Orc Big Un’ horde – those 5++ wards were hard to get through.

It didn’t help that my artillery first turn had some big misses and he had very strong magic phases, for which I didn’t have a dispel scroll.

All in all, a fun game in which I was simply out-muscled!

Orcs & Goblins

What a fun game! Short, but with lots of surprises. From the get-go, I admit I had some great rolls. My two magic phases were 12 dice and 11 dice, and my artillery had a good amount of hits in the beginning. The Greenskin artillery was pretty much better than the dwarf artillery! In my rush to get in combat I allowed him to double charge the savages and I thought that’s it – I’m doomed. But it wasn’t so – the 5++ wards did their job very well, and in my attacks towards the Ironbreakers, I hit with almost everything (no misses almost!) which meant a lot of deaths and me winning combat with more kills, and more ranks.

I think my opponent played perfectly and I made some crucial mistakes but good army composition and good rolls gave me the game .