Live From The Old World: Episode 15 - Dwarfs vs Orcs & Goblins

The eternal rivalry: A Dwarfen throng meets a horde of Goblins in a 2,000 points game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition.


2000 pts

Battle Line



General – Runesmith w/Master rune of Balance, 1x rune of spellbreaking, shield.
Master Engineer w/Master Rune of Gromril
Thane BSB w/Master Rune of Grugni, shield.

20x Longbeards w/shields & FC. Rune of Stoicism.
15x Thunderers w/shields, musician and STD.

20x Ironbreakers w/FC. Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Sanctuary.
1x Grudge Thrower w/ Rune of Accuracy and Rune of forging
1x Cannon w/rune of forging

1x Organ Gun w/rune of accuracy
10x Irondrakes w/FC, Trolhammer Torpedo & 2x rune of slowness

Orcs & Goblins

Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain

Gothgrod & Gorrklaw, Goblin Big Boss + light armour + shield + Ogre Blade + Dragonhelm + riding Gorrklaw the Gigantic Scorpion (spider)

25x Goblins + spears + shields + full command
50x Goblins + short bows + shields + full command + Nasty Skulkers x 3
50x Night Goblins + nets + full command

6x Trolls
2x Single wolf chariots and 1 unit of 2 chariots.
2x Goblin Spear Chukkas

x Arachnarok Spider
3x River Trolls
1x Mangler Squigs



Upon seeing his army, I realized: No magic, and little to no shooting. No doom divers. No Rock Lobba. No Goblin Shaman. I kitted my Runesmith towards magic defense and my thane towards shooting defense (and gave up more survivability) for... nothing! yay!

Other than that, fast army with the chariots, spider and mangler squig. Can I kill them with the cannon or grudge thrower before they make it to my line? I'm thinking if I do that, I'll be okay. I'm confident in my stubborn blocks.

Orcs & Goblins

Goblin army design thoughts: I find Dwarf armies difficult to beat with my Goblins. Dwarfs seem to always be able to shut down my Magic Phase; so I came up with a nasty plan to prevent them from do just that – by taking no shamans or spells! The Dwarfs wouldn’t be dispelling anything against me!

Using the spare points I might otherwise spend on magic, I decided to buy a bunch of ‘Ard hitting units to smash up the stubborn stunties – an Arachnarok Spider, Mangler Squigs, two units of Trolls, five chariots, and a gigantic scorpion (spider). I also decided to forgo Goblin Doom Divers and Rock Lobbers in order to spend more points on the big gribblies, only taking a pair of bolt throwers.

I also ensured my characters could hit the Dwarfs hard – both of them hit with S6! I’m excited to play with this setup and smash some stunties! Mork and Gork, wish me luck…


The middle of the battlefield was fairly open, while the Dwarf's deployment side featured a hill and some forests. The Orcs & Goblins side had a wall, and a 2-story building.

live from the old world warhammer deployment


Charges: None.

Movement: The Goblin horde advances.  

Shooting: Both Spear Chukkas hit and kill one Ironbreaker and one Longbeard, respectively.

Combat: None.


Charges: None.

Movement: Dwarf units back up 1.5 '' due to the fast advance of the Spider, Trolls & chariots.

Shooting: Cannon aims at The Great Gog, the Arachnarok Spider and causes three wounds.
The Grudge Thrower aims at the Mangler Squig but misses, even with a re-roll.
Organ Gun dials up 20 (!!!) shots and aims at the Mangler Squig, killing it. The nearby Night Goblin horde panic and flee.
Thunderers target the Trolls and finlict a wound, but it's regenerated by the Trolls.
Irondrakes target a lone chariot on the flank and destroy it.

Combat: None. 


Charges: Trolls and a chariot charge thunderers who choose to stand and shoot against the chariot and cause two wounds.
Goblin Big Boss on Spider charges Grudge Thrower.
Arachnorok Spider charges cannon.
Fleeing Night Goblin horde fails to rally and runs off the table.

Movement: Other units move up.  

Shooting: Spear Chukkas miss.

Combat: Thunderers take out the chariot but fail to produce wounds on the Trolls. Trolls take out several Thunderers and the Dwarfs lose combat. Thunderers break and run, but the Trolls restrain. A super high roll of 10'' sees the Thunderers leave the battlefield for the day.
Goblin Big Boss easily disposes of the Grudge Thrower and reforms.
Arachnorok easily takes out Cannon and crew.


Charges: Longbeards & Ironbreakers charge the River Trolls. Longbeards fail, but Ironbreakers make it onto the flank.
Player Interview: Why that charge instead of charging the flank of the Spider?
Player: With high Toughness and stubborn, if I don't take it out completely, I'm exposing my flank and will be out of position. Plus, I can't shoot at it with anything if I charge. Instead, if I can shoot it and kill and kill the Trolls, I can reform with two pretty full units and take the oncoming charges. 

Movement: No additional moves.

Shooting: Irondrakes and the Trollhammer Torpedo aim at the Spider and produce 2 wounds. Organ Gun lines up once again and still manages to get 16 shots out, which cause more than 3 unsaved wounds and the Arachnorok is slain!

Combat: Ironbreakers produce 2 wounds, take 1 in return, but have ranks, a charge, flank and banners and break the River Trolls on the charge and elect to pursue. A high roll of 11 sees them catching the trolls, but are a bit out of position now.


Charges: Grom declares a WAAAAGH!   Him and the unit of 2 chariots charge the Longbeards who hold.
Trolls charge Organ Gun but fail.

Movement: Goblins position themselves to try and protect the rear of the big combat with Grom from the Ironbreakers.

Shooting: Spear Chukkas produce no kills.

Combat: Grom and the chariots produce a healthy amount of Impact Hits and all-in-all kill 9 Longbeards. They do a couple of wounds back, one to the group of chariots and one towards Grom's chariot (& BSB).
Longbeards lose combat but are stubborn thanks to the Rune of Stoicism. They pass their break test.


Charges: Irondrakes declare a charge against the Chariots' flank, and needing an 8, they fail.

Movement: Ironbreakers swift reform and move towards combat in an effort to come back.

Shooting: Organ gun dials up 12 shots and aims at the Goblin Big Boss on the Scorpion/Spider and slays him.

Combat: As before, the Longbeards take some damage, but not nearly as much. However, they lose combat by a few. They still hold strong.


Charges: Trolls charge again at the Organ Gun and make it in this time.

Movement: None.

Shooting: Spear Chukkas fail to produce a wound.

Combat: Longbeards start grinding. Grom misses all his attacks and the unit of chariots fails to wound. In return Longbeards destroy Grom's chariot (& BSB) and produce a wound on the unit of chariots. The resulting combat resolution sees the unit of chariots flee, while Grom needing a 5 to stay holds on foot. The chariots panic the big horde of Goblins, who run away.

Trolls eat the Organ Gun and overrun into the Master Engineer who was positioned to protect the Longbeards' flank.


Charges: The Ironbreakers charge the fleeing chariots.
With a roll of 4 (or higher) with swiftstride, the chariots would have run through the combat, popped on the other side and likely off the table, exposing Grom for a rear charge, if properly re-directed.
The flee roll is a triple 1. They therefore do not pop through, and block the charge. They are caught by the Ironbreakers however, and destroyed. But Grom's rear is safe.

Movement: Irondrakes move close to the action.  

Shooting: Irondrakes kill 2 Goblins.

Combat: Grom and the Longbeards continue fighting. He suffers an additional wound, but holds with a roll of a 6.
Trolls eat the Master Engineer and reform.


Charges: Smaller Goblin unit charges the rear of the Ironbreakers, to prevent them from charging Grom.
Trolls Charge the Longbeards' flank.
Goblin horde continues to flee.

Movement: None.

Shooting: Spear Chukkas have nothing to do.

Combat: Grom issues a challenge, which the Runesmith General accepts. (Goal was to mitigate unit deaths to preserve the standard with the rune of Stoicism).
Grom executes the Runesmith.
Trolls kill most of the unit, but can't wipe it out. 3 models, including the standard bearer are left. Dwarfs lose combat, but hold.
Ironbreakers and Thane kill 4 Goblins, and with the Oathstone, are not disrupted. They win combat and the Goblins flee. They opt to not pursue.


Charges: Ironbreakers have two options: Charge Grom or the Trolls. If charging Grom, he'll likely challenge and the Thane, with the Oathstone, must accept. Can the Thane kill him? Str5, but only 3 attacks. Need two wounds.
Alternatively, they can charge the Trolls flank and hope to make both units run. The Troll unit is mostly intact and still a very big problem.
Decision? Ironbreakers charge the Trolls' flank.

Movement: Irondrakes move again to stay relevant.

Shooting: None.

Combat: Ironbreakers kill 2 trolls outright and add a wound to a 3rd. In return, Grom kills 1 Longbeard and the Trolls' stomps finish off the Longbeards who had held for many turns.
This places Grom completely out of combat and he does not have to take a break test (Note: this is a weird scenario, for more information read “No More Foes” on page 61 of the Warhammer rulebook).
The Dwarf Thane & BSB falls as well in combat.
Trolls lose combat and need a 3 to stay. The roll? A 2 and a 1. They hold. They then go for a post-combat reform to face the Ironbreakers. Again needing a 3, they roll ... snake eyes. Trolls reform.


Charges: None.

Movement: Grom moves around the Trolls to hide from Irondrakes.
Goblin horde actually rallies. The smaller unit of Goblins continues to flee.

Shooting: Spear Chukkas can't do anything again.

Combat: Ironbreakers fight the Trolls and win combat easily. Trolls run this time.
Ironbreakers need to test to restrain on a "9" to then face Grom and potentially finish him off next turn.
A roll of 11, sees them having to pursue and unable to charge Grom.


Nothing happens.

Final Victory Points:

Dwarfs earn 1,354 VPs
Orcs & Goblins earn 1,613 VPs for a narrow victory.

Orcs & Goblins WIN!


Dwarfs: What a game! Incredible all the way through! Today was one of those days that a lot went well but a little bit more went well for the Goblins. There were a few times that a normal roll would have meant a Dwarf victory, but it wasn't to be. Overall, very happy with how the entire army performed.
The Longbeards held for what seems like ages. The Organ Gun took out the Goblin Big Boss, the Mangler Squig and the Arachnorok almost by itself. The Ironbreakers were amazing as always as well.
Mistakes or underperforming units? I should have placed the Irondrakes close to the trolls, thanks to their flaming attacks that cancel regeneration. However, I had already placed the Thunderers first, so he out-deployed me, in a way. The Grudge Thrower missed and then got killed. The cannon lasted one turn. Probably should have deployed further back. I might have under-estimated the speed of the Goblin force.

Goblins: Great game! There were a handful of rolls that went my way, but it was incredibly close the entire game and went all the way to turn 6. The Trolls were MVPs taking out the Thunderers, Organ Gun, Master Engineer and some of the Longbeards. Arachnorok & Mangler Squig couldn't do much this game thanks to his artillery.
Overall, a fun game!

What did you think of the battle? Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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