Live From The Old World: Episode 13 - Tomb Kings vs Dwarfs

In the second game of our Summer tournament, the Dwarfs were pitted against the Tomb Kings in a infantry-heavy game. Who will win? 


3x3 Table

1250 pts

Battle Line

War Machines do D3 wounds (as opposed to D6)



General – Runesmith w/ shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Balance.
Thane - BSB – Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Might.

20x Longbeards w/shields, FC and Rune of Stoicism
14x Thunderers w/shields, Musician, STD

20x Ironbreakers w/FC & Rune of Stoicism & Rue of Sanctuary
1x Organ Gun w/ Rune of Forging & Rune of Accuracy

Tomb Kings

General – Tomb Prince w/ GW and Armour of Silvered Steel

Liche Priest – level 2 of Neherkara & Talisman of Preservation.
Spells: Incantation of Desert Wind, Incantation of Cursed Blades

3x Skeleton Chariots w/Musician & STD.
10x Skeleton Archers w/Musician
5x Skeleton Horse Archers

25x Tomb Guard w/Halberds & Razor Standard

1x Casket of Souls
1x Screaming Skull Catapult


Dwarfs: Even match up I think going in. I’m looking at that block of Tomb Guard with -3 armor modifier as my main threat, in addition to the casket. I’m also hoping the catapult doesn’t land good hits.

Tomb Kings:  Those two big combat blocks are going to be an issue. I chose to forgo a block of skeleton warriors last minute and add the catapult and more TG bodies. I hope it doesn’t backfire.



The battlefield featured a building on one side, and sporadic forests. The Dwarf deployment side also included a small hill.

The Tomb Kings deployed with their archers – and hierophant – in the middle, flanked by the Tomb Guard with Tomb Prince to their left and the chariots on the right. The flanks had the Screaming Skull Catapult and the Casket of Souls.

The Dwarfs positioned with the Thunderers on the hill, and the Organ Gun in the middle of the battlefield flanked by both the Longbeards and Ironbreakers.  


Charges: None.

Movement: Ironbreakers inch up a bit.

Magic: None.

Shooting: Thunderers target Horse Archers and inflict 2 wounds. Organ Gun decides to finish them off, but rolls a total of 4 shots and kills 2. One Horse Archer remains.


Combat: None.


Charges: None.

Movement: All units move forward.


Magic: 3v2 -  2 dice are thrown at Incantation of Desert Wind at the Horse Archers, and it goes off. Runesmith can’t channel enough energy to dispel and fails. Horse Archers regain 4 models. One dice is used for the Casket’s Light of Death spell but it doesn’t go off.

Shooting: Catapult narrowly misses the Organ Gun. All others shoot at Organ Gun and produce 1 wound.


Charges: None.

Movement: A little shuffling, but nothing major.  

Magic: None.

Shooting: Thunderers shoot, but only hit 3 and kill 1. Organ gun changes target and aims at chariots, bringing one down.



Charges: Skeleton Chariots declare a charge against the Thunderers who stand and shoot and put two wound on a chariot. Needing an “8”, they roll a 9 and are in.
Skeleton Horse Archers declare a charge on the Organ Gun and need also an “8” and they roll double 6s. They’re in as well.


Movement: Tomb Guard and Skeletons move up their 4’’.  

Magic: 9v5 -  3 dice are used for Incantation of Desert wind to get the Tomb Guard closer to the action and a 6, 5, 4 are rolled. Dwarf player debates for a long time. In her words:

“Either I dispel with all my dice given his high roll and keep the Tomb Guard far away while I try to deal with the charges or I let it go and prevent him healing the Chariots and firing the casket”.

Dwarf player chooses to use all his dice to dispel the movement spell.

Incantation of Cursed Blades goes off on Chariots for Killing Blow and healing two wounds. Light of Death fails to produce a wound on Longbeards.

Shooting: Catapult shifts a bit because of the windy day but still lands on a Dwarf Longbeard and kills him. No other wounds.

Combat: 2D6 Impact hits from chariots yield 3 thunderer deaths.
Chariots produce two wounds but are saved by the Thunderers Armour.
Thunderers produce 1 unsaved wound.
Combat Resolution sees the Thunderers lose by 3, but they stick thanks to a good roll. They proceed to reform on same leadership to create an additional rank.

The Organ Gun crew produce no wounds, but neither do the Skeleton Horse Archers. Needing a “9” to stay, the crew gets through to fight again.


Charges: Longbeards charge the flank of the Horse Archers.  

Movement: Ironbreakers move forward to intercept Tomb Guard.  

Magic: None.

Shooting: None.

Combat: Thane attacks first and inflicts 2 wounds on the Horse Archers. The Organ Gun crew inflicts an additional wound and the remaining Longbeards in base contact finish the unit off.
The Horses and their masters attack the crew before perishing, but miss.


Chariots are no longer on the charge and cannot wound the Thunderers. Thunderers are able to get one wound through.
Combat Resolution sees the Thunderers winning by 2 thanks to the standard, rank and wound, vs the Chariot’s standard.

There's a 5th Thunderer on the 2nd rank outside of picture.

There's a 5th Thunderer on the 2nd rank outside of picture.


Charges: Tomb Guard declare a charge versus the Ironbreakers but fail it.  

Movement: Archers move up to re-direct Longbeards. Liche Priest leaves the unit.


Magic: 8v5 – Desert Wind is cast on three dice (goal is to move the archers further up to re-direct). Runesmith allows to let it go. Light of Death is next with two dice and it goes off. Runesmith elects to let it go as well and it inflicts 4 wounds on the Longbeards. Doesn’t jump though.
Incantation of Cursed Blades is attempted on Chariots, but this one is dispelled.

Shooting: Archers aim at Longbeards and even though 6 hit, no wounds are inflicted.
Screaming Skull Catapult aims at Organ Gun and… DIRECT HIT! D3 wounds (house rule) kill it off.


Combat: Chariot once again fails to inflict any wounds while the Thunderer unit inflicts one. Combat Resolution sees the chariot crumble to dust.  


Charges: Ironbreakers declare a charge against the Tomb Guard. Needing an “8”, they roll a 10 and are in.
The Longbeards declare a charge against the Archers and make it in easily.   


Movement: with no good targets, the Thunderers march up.

Magic: None.

Combat: Longbeards easily dispatch the entire Archer unit and reform.
The Big Combat: Tomb Guard go first and inflict 3 killing blows. Though not at initiative (because of GW), the Tomb Prince goes next to finish the Tomb King’s attacks and inflicts one wound.
The Runesmith attacks back with a hand weapon and inflicts one wound. The Ironbreaker unit is clutch and at STR 5 (for the charge) are able to inflict 5 wounds.
combat Resolution sees the Tomb Guard crumble by 4.



Charges: None.

Movement: Liche Priest moves behind Tomb Guard.

Magic: 5v5 – all dice are thrown are Incantation of Cursed Blades on the Tomb Guard. The dice show a 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. The runesmith dispels it with ease.  

Shooting: Screaming Skull Catapult aims at the center of the Longbeard block and… misses.  

Combat: Tomb Guard are angry and hit with most of their attacks. 5 Ironbreakers fall as a result. The Tomb Prince though misses with all of his attacks.
Runesmith once again comes through with one wound, while the rest of the Ironbreakers combine for 1 additioinal wound.
Combat Resolution sees the Ironbreakers lose by 3, but a re-rollable LDR roll is passed.



Charges: Longbeards charge Tomb Guard.


Movement: None.  

Magic: None.  

Shooting: Thunderers aim at the casket in the wood, but fail to wound.

Combat: The Thane comes in and immediately inflicts two wounds. The charging Longbeards don’t fare as well, and produce 1 wound only.  
3 Tomb Guard attack the Thane looking for that Killing Blow, but fail. The remaining Tomb Guard & the Tomb Prince attack the Ironbreakers dealing 3 casualties.
Ironbreakers add an additional kill as well.

Combat Resolution sees the charge, rank (from the Longbeards), additional kill and BSB add up to 4, and the Tomb Guard continue to crumble.

The Tomb Prince looks around and realizes he’s not going to win today and orders the retreat.


Dwarfs: The game was much closer than maybe the end result shows. The MVP for this one for me? Dwarfs’ leadership. I lost combats and sometimes by more than 1 or 2, but starting at the high leadership with a re-roll is what won me this battle today. Thunderers lost combat but held. Organ Gun lost combat, but held. Other that than, the number of combat units was the difference. Having both the Longbeards & Ironbreakers, I felt confident I could take it.

Tomb Kings: Fun game overall. I just don’t think I had the units to kill a 20-man Longbeard unit and 20-man Ironbreaker unit. Magic was underwhelming at times, and I simply couldn’t capitalize. Don’t regret trying to get that Organ Gun. I just needed more combat units, I think. If she had failed maybe 1 of leadership checks after lost combat, it might have been different!


What did you think of the battle? Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for reading!