Live From The Old World Episode 14: Tomb Kings vs Wood Elves


3x3 Table

1250 pts

Battle Line

War Machines of all kinds do D3 wounds instead of D6


Wood Elves

General – Branchwraith
Spells: Earthblood

20x Eternal Guard w/shilds & FC
16x Dryads w/Nymph

5x Sisters of the Thorn w/FC
Spells: Curse of Anrehir, Shield of Thorns
5x Deepwood Scouts w/Swiftshiver
5x Deepwood Scouts w/Swiftshiver
3x Treekin

1x Treeman w/Strangleroots

Tomb Kings

General – Tomb Prince w/ GW and Armour of Silvered Steel

Liche Priest – level 2 of Neherkara & Talisman of Endurance
Spells: Incantation of Desiccation, Incantation of Cursed Blades

3x Skeleton Chariots w/Musician & STD.
10x Skeleton Archers w/Musician
20x Skeleton Warriors w/Spears, Musician & STD

20x Tomb Guard w/Halberds
1x Tomb Scorpion

1x Casket of Souls
1x Screaming Skull Catapult


Wood Elves: This is going to be fun, but I need to take care of that catapult hopefully ASAP. I feel like the treeman is going to do well, if it can avoid the catapult.

Tomb Kings:  His shooting might be an issue for me. I don’t have much, save for the 10 archers and the 6 guys on the chariots. And of course, the treeman. I’m hoping Desiccation will help me with that.


The battlefield featured a building on one corner, and a big forest on the opposite side. The Wood Elves’ forest was placed in the middle, roughly and there’s a small hill on one side that should affect combat too much.  


The Tomb Kings deployed with their archers and Skeleton Warriors in the middle. The flanks have the Chariots on the left and the Tomb Guard on the right. The Casket & The Catapult were deployed on opposite sides of the deployment area.

The Wood Elves have the Dryads & Eternal Guard holding the middle, with the Treekin opposite the Tomb Guard and the Treeman opposite the Chariots. Up scouting and vanguarding are the Deepwood Scouts and the Sisters of the Thorn.


Charges: None.

Movement: All units move up their normal movement. They choose not to march.
One unit of Deepwood Scouts move close to Casket, as do the sisters of the Thorn. The other unit of deepwood Scouts stay put with a good angle for the catapult.  

Magic: 9v6 – The branchwraith casts Earthblood on her unit. The Liche Priest sees no issue with it and lets it go.
The Sisters cast Curse of Anrehir on the Tomb Guard unit and this time, the Liche Priest dispels it.
The sisters cast Shield of Thorns on themselves and it goes off unimpeded.  

Shooting: One unit of Deepwood Scouts and the Sisters of  the Thorn go after the Casket, but fail to produce a wound. The other Scouts are able to produce 1 wound on catapult.  

Combat: None.


Charges: Chariots declare a charge against the unit of Deepwood Scouts. They can’t flee or else they’d be off the table. They decide to stand and shoot. The result? Two wounds on the Chariots.
The Tomb Guard declare a charge against the Sisters of the Thorn. They flee 9’’ backwards out of harm’s way. The Tomb Guard re-direct towards the other unit of Deepwood Scouts, who also can’t flee or risk going off the table. The hold, as the charge is on the flank.
The Tomb Guard fail the charge though. Needing a “6”, they roll a “4” and a “1”.

Movement: Skeleton Archer and Warriors move up 4’’.  

Magic: 12v6. The Casket attempts its Light of Death spell on the unengaged Deepwood Scouts and it goes off resulting in the entire unit dying from it. No units are within 6’’ so it doesn’t jump.
Forgetting the 2 wounds on the chariot, the Liche Priest attempts Desiccation on the Treeman but a terrible roll means it’s easy to dispel and the Branchwraith does.

Shooting: Catapult aims at Treeman and…. MISFIRE! A roll of a “4” means it won’t be shooting this turn, or next.
The Archers fire at the fleeing Sisters but don’t produce a wound.

Combat: Impact hits alone kill the 5 Deepwood Scouts.
To overrun into the Treeman, they require a 5 and… they roll a “2”, a “2” and… a “2”. And fail.  


Charges: Treeman charges chariots.

Movement: Sisters rally. All other units move approximately 5’’ forward.   

Magic: 12v6 – Branchwraith uses 3 dice to cast Earthblood and succeeds. Next up, 4 dice are thrown at Shield of Thorns on the Treeman and the Liche Priest chooses to dispel it completely with all dice. The sisters then cast Curse of Anrehir on the Chariots.

Shooting: Sisters fire their javelins at the Tomb Guard and produce 2 wounds that go unsaved.

Combat: Treeman swings first and immediately produces 1 wound to finish off the wounded chariot.
the chariots and the horses fail to hurt the Treeman. Combat resolution sees the Chariots take one additional wound. (Charge & wound vs banner)


Charges: Tomb Guard declare a charge against the sisters of the Thorn who thjink about staying, but flee.
Player Interview: Why flee?
Player: Well, I feared getting destroyed and the overrun into my treekin. I figured, if I can have the TK fail the charge, then I can dual charge next with my treekin and Eternal Guard.

Sisters flee 11 backwards and panic the Treekin. Who in turn roll double 6s and flee as well.  
Unable to re-direct, the Tomb Guard follow through and roll a massive double “1”.

Movement: Skeleton Warriors move up 4’’. Skeleton Archers shift sideways 2’’ to hav the Liche Priest stand behind the Warriors.

Magic: 12v6 -  Liche Priest casts Incntation of Desiccation on Treeman. Branchwraith allows for that to go through.
Liche Priest casts Cursed Blades on Chariots with 5 dice and nets a 19. Sisters of the Thorn attempt to dispel and throw all their dice. Result? 18.
Chariots are healed 3 wounds, so one model returns to the fray.
Casket attempts Light of Death on Treekin and it goes off, producing 2 wounds.

Shooting: Archers target the Dryads and kill one. Catapult can’t shoot yet.

Combat: Treeman goes first and wounds a chariot. The chariots attack back and produce 1 unsaved wound.
Combat resolution sees the Treeman lose by 1 (Wound vs Wound & Banner).
Stubborn 9 and…an “11” is rolled. No BSB means the Treeman is going to run. He rolls a respectable “9”, but the chariots catch him with an “11” and end up right at the edge of the board inside a forest. No dangerous terrain casualties.


Charges: Dryads charge the Skeleton Warriors and make it in.   

Movement: Eternal Guard do a combat reform and march up 10’’ to protect the Dryads’ flank.
The Sisters rally and march back up the field.
The Treekin rally as well.  

Magic: 8v5 – 3 dice are used for Curse of Anrehir of Skeleton Warriors. A super high roll of 6, 5 and 4 sees the Liche Priest allow the spell to go off.
Next up, 3 dice are used for Shields of Thorns. An average roll sees the Liche Priest use all his power to dispel and do so successfully.
With 2 dice left, the Branchwraith goes for Earthblood and BARELY gets it off, with a 5 and a 2. (+ her lvl 1).

Shooting: None.

Combat: Dryads with hatred produce an absurd amount of hits, which translate to 9 kills. The Skeleton Warriors can’t do much in return and kill 2 Dryads. Combat Resolution sees the Skeleton Warriors crumble until there are 3 left. But they hold.


Charges: Tomb Guard charge Eternal Guard and make it in.

Movement: Archers move back 2’’. Tomb Scorpion appears from beneath the sands and places itself in front of the Archers.  
Chariots attempt a swift reform but fail. They just reform.

Magic: 9v5 – Liche Priest casts Incantation of Desiccation on the Dryads successfully.  The Sisters attempt to dispel but fail to do so. The Liche Priest then cats Incantation of Cursed Blades on the Skeleton Warriors, which goes off successfully. Two Skelton warriors come back to life from underneath the sands.

Shooting: Archers aim at Sisters and kill one outright. The Catapult also aims at the Sisters and… DIRECT HIT! Two Sisters die as a result, but they pass their panic test.

Combat: Dryads are able to finish off the Warriors after combat resolution is calculated.  But can’t overrun as a result.
Eternal Guard swing first, with Always Strikes First land several hits that yield 4 Tomb Guard deaths. 
Tomb Guard hit back, and their halberds means they’re wounding on 2’s, and that means 4 Eternal Guard go down. The Tomb Prince with his Great Weapon attacks last and kills 2 Eternal Guards.
Combat Resolution sees the Eternal Guard lose by 4, but they’re stubborn and pass their test.


Charges: Dryads charge Tomb Scorpion and are auto-in. The Sisters attempt a charge at the catapult and make it in as well.    

Movement: Treekin march up trying to be relevant.  

Magic: 5v4 – Sisters cast Curse of Anrehir on Tomb Guard and throw 3 dice getting “5”, “5”, and “4”. The Liche Priest attempts to dispel but fails.
The Branchwraith up next tries to cast Earthblood on her unit, but fails.

Shooting: None

Combat: Sisters easily take care of the Catapult crew on the charge and they can’t even swing back.
Dryads attack Tomb Scorpion first and despite many hits, only 1 unsaved wound goes through. The Tomb Scorpion hits back and kills two Dryads. Combat Resolution sees the Tomb Scorpion lose by 1, but its Animated Construct rule (crumble by 1 less) means he doesn’t lose additional wounds.
Eternal Guard swing first and thanks to ASF, land many hits. On the to-wound roll, they do very well and actually kill 7 (!!) Tomb Guard. They hit back and are able to kill 3, with the Tomb Prince doing an additional one. They still lose combat resolution as they have 3 less kills, and one less rank, so they crumble by four.  


Charges: None.

Movement: Chariots race back their 8’’ trying to make themselves relevant in the last few turns.  
Archers pivot towards the Sisters of the Thorn.

Magic: 6v5 -   3 Dice are used by the Liche Priest to cast Incantation of Desiccation on Dryads. The spell goes through and the Branchwraith allows it.
Next up: The Liche Priest tries Incantation of Cursed Blades on the Tomb Guard in an attempt to bring back bodies, but a bad dice roll means it’s an easy dispel for the Branchwraith.
The casket tries with one die to go after Sisters, but fails. 

Shooting: Archers aim at the Sisters and kill one- only one remains.  

Combat: Eternal Guard go first, and they allocate 4 guards to fight the Tomb Prince, generating 0 wounds. The remaining 6 kill off two Tomb Guards.
The remaining Tomb Captain swings and misses. The Tomb Prince fails to wound as well thanks to only 1 hit, and a roll of a “1” to wound.
Combat Resolution sees the Tomb King unit lose by 4 (2 kills, rank, banner) and the Tomb Prince General & Tomb Captain dissipate into dust.   

Next up The Tomb Scorpion goes to battle with the Dryads and... we didn't quite write down what happened. But as the image below shows, the Tomb Scorpion won combat, and the Branchwraith failed her check and her and her unit were rundown by the Tomb Scorpion.


Charges: Eternal Guard have two choices. Tomb Scorpion on the flank in an almost auto-in charge or an 11’’ charge on the Archers with direct contact on the Hierophant. (6 needed on dice given they’re M5). They opt for the latter and the fail the charge, going forward 3’’.  

Movement: Treekin march forward ensured to get some action next turn.   

Magic: 6v5 – All 6 dice are thrown at Curse of Anrehir on the Chariots.   

Shooting: Remaining sister attempts to fire at the Tomb Scorpion but misses.

Combat: None.


Charges: None.

Movement: Archers reform to allow the Liche Priest to take a center position and not be exposed to a flank attack.
Chariots move to face the Treekin and Eternal Guard for a possible Turn 6 charge.
Tomb Scorpion positions himself in front of Eternal Guard.

Magic: 10v5 – 6 dice are thrown at the Casket’s Light of Death and the spells goes off with very high numbers. The target? The Treekin once again. They roll a “13” and take 5 wounds. That leaves one Treekin model left, with 1 wound. The spell proceeds to jump to the Eternal Guard who roll a “4”, so no additional wounds.
The Liche Priest casts Incantation of Cursed Blades on the Tomb Scorpion and it goes off successfully.
The Liche Priest then attempts Incantation of Desiccation on Eternal Guard. The remaining Sister of the Thorn attempts to dispel, but fails.

Shooting: Archers don’t have anyone in front arc.

Combat: None.    


Charges: None.

Movement: With the Eternal Guard being STR2 and TGH2, they retreat and move back 2.5’’ . The Treekin follow their lead.
the remaining Sister of the Thorn protects points and moved to the opposite side of the Archers.

Magic: 8v5 – 6 Dice are thrown at Curse of Anrehir on the Tomb Scorpion, but the Liche Priest dispels with a double “6”.
The remaining Sister of the Thorn attempts Shield of Thorns, but fails to cast.

Shooting: Remaining sister attempts to fire at the Tomb Scorpion but misses – again.

Combat: None.


Charges: Chariots charge Eternal Guard. Needing an “8”, they roll double “6”s and are in. Tomb Scorpion makes it in as well. 

Movement: Archers reform to shoot at Sister of the Thorn.

Magic: 12v6 – 4 dice are used for Incantation of Cursed Blades to heal the Chariots and give them KB. It goes off with high numbers.
Liche Priest uses 6 dice to go for Incantation of Desiccation on Eternal Guard and rolls average. Sister of the Thorn attempts to dispel, but is exhausted and fails.
Light of Death from the Casket hits the remaining Treekin but fails to wound.

Shooting: Archers wound the Sister but she saves the attack thanks to her Ward.

Combat: 3D6 impact hits mean 11 hits on the Guard, who atr toughness 2, take 11 wounds, and save only 1. The entire unit is gone.

And that is the end of the battle, with a TOMB KINGS victory!



Wood Elves: What a fun game! All the way to turn 6 and tied till the bottom of turn 6. On my end, the Treeman failing his stubborn 9 test sucked. That was massive. Luckily, the chariots voerunning also meant they were out of the game for a while, but they came back for the last turn. The Treekin running away on turn 2 was bad too. I’m investing in a BSB no matter what! The lack of a BSB essentially cost me the game, I think.  

Tomb Kings: Talk about a back and forth game! I felt great in the early going being able to get the Treeman, and then seeing the Treekin flee to almost the edge of the table. But then my Tomb Guard WITH Tomb Prince fell to a unit of Eternal Guard. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The MVPs came from unexpected places in the chariots and the TOMB SCORPION – absolutely clutch!
the Casket giving me the advantage in the magic phase was very important as well.


What did you think of the battle? Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for reading!