Live From The Old World Ep 11 - Dwarfs vs High Elves


Barak Varr, the lone seaport of the Dwarfs and the home of merchants and traders of all sorts. It is also the home of the sea engineer's guild who build massive iron ships that patrol the waters near the port. Usually, it is well defended from attacks, as the Border Princes protect the area and the hold itself is said to be impenetrable. Today, a High Elf fleet has parked itself by the entrance to The Black Gulf. While still allowing merchant ships in and out of the Gulf and therefore Barak Varr, the Dwarfs didn't take this lightly. They patrol the area and they will not allow a foreign fleet to blockade passage to the port.

King Byrrnoth Grundadrakk has sent his iron ships and a throng down to make sure the Elf fleet moved. As the throng approached, The High Elf army disembarked. Ready for battle.


3x3 Table

1200 pts

Battle Line


High Elves

Archmage - Lvl 4 of Metal. Book of Ashur, Talisman of Preservation.
Spells: Searing Doom (Magic Missile), Plague of Rust (-1 Armour Save), Transmutation of Lead (-1 BS, WS, Armour Save to Unit), Final Transmutation (Affects unit, all models roll D6, on5+ = dead)
Sea Helm - BSB - Light Armour & Bow, Shield of Merwyn

20x Sea Guard w/shields & FC
5x Ellyrian Reavers w/ Spears & Bows

15x Swordmasters w/ FC
1x Skycutter w/Eagle Eye bolt Thrower


1x Runesmith - 1x Rune of Spellbreaking, 1x Rune of Stone
1x Thane BSB w/Great Weapon

20x Longbeards w/shields & FC - Rune of Stoicism (Stubborn)
15x Thunderers w/Shields & FC

20x Ironbreakers w/ FC

1x Organ Gun w/ Rune of Accuracy


High Elf: That's a tough list he's got. I don't know how I'm going to get through two blocks of longbeards and ironbreakers. Hoping lore of metal does some damage - in particular maybe plague of rust. This is going to be a tough battle to win.

Dwarfs:  I need to neutralize the Swordmasters that can cut me into pieces. If I'm able to do that, I like my chances. Luckily, no Purple Sun or Dwellers Below :).


The battlefield featured a building on one flank, and two forests, one on each side. There's a hill on the Dwarf's deployment zone but they didn't use it due to trees and building in front.
High Elves deploy with the Skycutter on the right flank, and the Reavers on the left. In the middle, the two combat units.
Dwarfs deploy with the two combat units flanking the Organ Fun and the Thunderers manning the right flank.



Charges: None.

Movement: None

Magic: None

Shooting: Thunderers aim at Reavers and kill all but 1. Panic check is passed.
Organ Gun opens fire on Swordmasters. Long range and through the woods. Still kill 4.


Combat: None.


Charges: Surviving Reaver attempts a charge into Organ Gun, needing 7 on three dice. Rolls 2, 2, 1.

Movement: Sea Guard & Swordmasters march up. Skycutter moves between the two combat units to shoot at Organ Gun.

Magic: A good magic phase with the Archmage channeling 8 dice vs the Runemisth's 5. Plague of Rust is cast onto the Ironbreakers. Runesmith attempts to dispel but fails.
Searing Doom goes off on Thunderers. Rolling very well and kills 4. Thunderers fail panic check, but pass the re-roll.
Final Transmutation is attempted on the Longbeards, but is dispelled.


Shooting: Skycutter hits the Organ Gun, but doesn't manage a wound. Sea Guard marched.


Charges: None.

Movement: None

Magic: None.

Shooting: Thunderers aim and shoot at the last Reavers, killing the unit off.
Organ Gun dials up many shots and kills 8 Sea Guard. Panic check is passed.



Charges: Swordmasters attempt to charge Ironbreakers. Need a 7 and fail.
Sea Guard attempt to charge Longbeards, needing an 8, but fail also!


Movement: Skycutter moves closer to the action.

Magic: Another good magic phase with the Archmage generating 7 dice vs the Runesmith's 4.
Transmutation of Lead goes off on Thunderers, but is dispelled by the Runesmith.
Searing Doom goes off on Organ Gun, but generates no wounds.
Plague of Rust goes off on Longbeards who are now at a 5+Save.

Shooting: Skycutter shoots at Organ Gun and misses.


Charges: None.

Movement: None.

Magic: None.

Shooting: Thunderers dial up some shots, aiming at the Sea Guard unit and kill 4.
Organ gun tries to finish the unit off and kills an additional 7, leaving only the Sea Helm & the Archmage General alive!


Combat: None.


Charges: Swordmasters & Skycutter charge Ironbreakers.
Sea Helm charges Organ gun.

Movement: Archmage moves far away from the action.

Magic: Archmage manages 6 dice, vs the Runesmith's 4.
Final Transmutation is attemped on Longbeards. Runesmith uses his Rune of Spellbreaking and says "Not Today!"


Combat: Impact hits kill 1 Ironbreaker from the Skycutter flying into combat.
Swordmaster manage to kill 4 Ironbreakers.
Thane puts one wound on Skycutter.
Ironbreakers kill only 1 Swordmaster.

Combat Resolution: Ironbreakers lose by 2, and have no rune of Stoicism. A fail would change the game completely!
...But they make it on a re-rollable 8.


Sea Helm produces two wounds and the crew is unable to do anything in return. They fail their leadership check twice and are destroyed.
Sea Helm reforms to face Longbeards & Thunderers.


Charges: Longbeards charge the flank of the Skycutter.


Movement: None.

Magic: None.

Combat: Swordmasters kill 4 more Ironbreakers.
Skycutter fails to wound the Longbeards.

Ironbreakers kill 2 Swordmasters.
Thane kills 2 Swordmasters.
Longbeards kill Skycutter outright.


At this point, the High Elves retreat to fight another day!


High Elves: I tried with the Skycutter and with the Reavers to get rid of the Organ Gun with no luck. When I failed both charges in turn 2 and left both my units at short range of this guns, I knew I was doomed. Might try a more offensive lore next time too.

Dwarfs: I got lucky when he failed his charges. Organ Gun dialed up a lot of shots all battle long. I didn't put Stoicism on the Ironbreakers thinking "well, they're Ironbreakers, they rarely lose and if they do, it's not by much". Well, not anymore. I got lucky that I passed the leadership check. That could have swung the game in a very different direction. Overall, happy with how the army performed!


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