Live From The Old World - Ep. 7 - Dwarfs vs Tomb Kings

A different sort of Warhammer Fantasy Battle battle report today. Instead of filming it live and broadcasting on Twitch, we played and took pictures.


Battle Line

3x3 Board

1400 pts



Lord with Rune of Snorri Spranglehelm (Always hit on 2+), 2x Rune of Might (+2 Str) & shield.
Master Engineer w/ GW
Thane BSB, w/GW

20x Longbeards w/shields & FC
15x Thunderers w/shields & FC

1x Grudge Thower w/Rune of Accuracy and Rune of Forging

10x Irondrakes w/FC
1x Organ Gun w/ Rune of Accuracy

Tomb Kings

Tomb King w/ Ogre Blade & Armour of Silvered Steel (2+armour)
Liche Priest, Level 2. Naked. Spells: Incantation of Desert Wind (Extra magical movement) & Incantation of Protection (5+ Ward).

3x Skeleton Chariots w/Musician
8x Skeleton Horsemen w/ FC (models depict horse archers, but it's a proxy)
20x Skeleton Archers w/musician

25x Tomb Guard w/FC & Halberds
2x Tomb Scorpion (Both Entombed Beneath the Sands)

1x Screaming Skull Catapult


On their way to reclaim lost treasures, a Tomb King and his army encountered a Dwarf Throng as they were crossing the grey mountains. Not allowing them to pass freely, the Tomb King prepared for war. The battlefield contained forests, a chapel used by the Border Princes and impassable rock terrain. The tomb kings had the mobility advantage but the Dwarfs had corner the Tomb King army, not leaving much space for it to move around. It was midday when the battle commenced...


*Please note, the Skeleton archers are the movement try you see in the trees, top right.

Horsemen vanguard on the Dwarfs' right flank. Irondrakes are not pictures, they're above the organ gun, top left.  
The 2 Scorpions pictured are actually entombed beneath the sands and were only placed there to note they exist.


Charges: None.

Movement: All units move up their "M". (Remember Tomb Kings can't march).


Magic: A strong turn in which the Liche Priest channeled 10 dice to the Dwarfs' 5. He casts bubble Invocation of Desert Wind to give everyone around him within 24'' an extra move. He attempts to cast with 5 dice, needing a 16. It casts irresistibly, with a double 6. Miscast though is rolled and it's an "8". Only him and any other wizards (there are none) take a hit, and a "1" is rolled, so no further damage is done.
All other units move up as a result. The above image depicts movement PRIOR to the extra movement. So all units were closer than the above image.

Shooting: Chariots, who had moved up the middle, fire at organ gun, inflicting 1 wound. Archers shoot and inflict 1 more wound. Organ gun is now down to 1 wound. Catapult aims to finish off the organ gun but misses.


Charges: Longbeards declare a charge onto the chariots. Irondrakes declare a charge on the chariots as well. Both make it in.

Movement: None.

Magic: LOL

Shooting: Thunderers shoot at Horsemen and great rolling means all 8 of the horsemen go down as horsemen hadn't been upgraded with shields.
Organ Gun goes for Archers, because their LoS from the Tomb Guard is blocked, inflicting 4 casualties as a result of weak rolling.

Combat: Lord, Thane and longbeards inflict a lot of damage and Irondrakes are able to leave the chariots down to 1 wound. Combat resolution makes the chariots disintegrate as a result. Both units reform.



Charges: Tomb Guard declare a charge onto the Irondrakes who stand & shoot. No casualties on the Tomb Guard. But they roll a 3, then they needed a 5 to make it in and fail the charge.

Movement: As the image above depicts, the Scorpions arrive. One is positioned near the organ gun (it scattered quite a bit.) The other misfired, but rolled a 6 on the chart, meaning it would enter the map on a randombly selected edge. Luckily for the Tomb King general, it rolled as the closest one to the dwarfs.  

Magic: Another good roll by the Liche Priest seems him getting 8 dice, compared to the Dwarfs' 4. Choosing to save 5 dice for the 5+ Ward, he instead first casts the Desert Wind on the Tomb Guard to move them back a bit. Needing 6 on dice to cast the spell, he rolls three 1's and loses concentration. Magic phase was over.

Shooting: Archers shoot at organ gun and finish it off. Catapult aims at Dwarf catapult and..

Catapult suffers a misfire and rolls a 1 - destroying itself.

Catapult suffers a misfire and rolls a 1 - destroying itself.

Combat: None.


Charges: Longbeards charge Tomb Guard and make it in.
Irondrakes charge archers and make it in as well.
aster Engineer charges Tomb Scorpion.


Movement: Thunderers use their musician to perform a swift reform successfully and are now facing the Tomb Scorpion.

Magic: LOL

Shooting: Catapult has no targets and the thunderers moved, meaning they can't fire this turn.

Combat: Master Engineer inflicts a wound but sustains none in return. Combat resolution sees the Tomb Scorpion dissipate in the sands and crumble.
The Liche Priest trying to limit the number of attacks on him declares a challenge which the Ironwarden takes with a smile. Ironwarden rolls very well and kills the naked priest. The remaining irondrakes kill several archers. Cobmat resolution leaves 5 archers alive.
The big combat takes place shortly after with the Dwarf lord declaring a challenge and the Tomb King General accepting.


The battle between the generals ends up with a Tomb King slightly victory as he inflicts 2 wounds to the Dwarf Lord's 1. But the longbeards do well versus he tomb guard thanks to their strength 5 on the charge and additional banner (BSB). They win combat by 3 and 3 Tomb Guard crumble.


Archers crumble and disappear since the magic of the Liche Priest was evaporating. Remaining Tomb Scorpion takes 1 wound.

Charges: Tomb Scoprion charges the thunderers. They can't stand and shoot because he's too close.

Movement: None.

Magic: LOL

Shooting: With no targets, the catapult team takes a break.

Combat: Thunderers inflict no wounds on the Tomb Scorpion, while it stomps on 1 dwarf. A banner and a rank means it's tied combat.
The challenge continues and the Tomb King swings his ogre blade and strikes the lord down, while taking 2 additional wounds himself. He's down to 1 wound.
The longbeards win the fight once again, but this time by 2.

The dwarf lord succumbs to his injuries.

The dwarf lord succumbs to his injuries.


Charges: Irondrakes charge the flank of the tomb guard.

Movement: Master Engineer moved towards middle of board.

Magic: LOL

Shooting: No targets available.

Combat: The thunderers finish off the Scorpion thanks to a lucky wound and combat resolution. Both Tomb Scorpions have underperformed in this battle.
The big battle sees the Dwarf BSB declare a challenge. Heavily wounded, the Tomb King asks his Tomb Captain to take it and he does. The result? 3 Overkill wounds for the Dwarf BSB.
The Tomb King swings to the side, hoping to kill off some Irondrakes but misses with all attacks.
The remaining attacks and ensuing combat resolution yield massive losses for the Tomb Guard.

The Tomb legion is crumbling away..

The Tomb legion is crumbling away..

At this point, the Tomb King surrenders and he and his remaining Tomb Guard dissipate into the wind as quickly as they arrived. The Dwarfs took heavy losses, in particular with the death of their lord. But the Thane stepped up and his army is loyal to him now.

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