Live From the Old World - Ep. 9 - Wood Elves vs Dwarfs


A Dwarfen thong marched down from the Grey Mountains passing by Bretonnian territory and ended up in the edges of Athel Loren. As they prepared to make camp, a few members of the Irondrake unit were trading stories over a pint as the newest member of the unit Snorri, just fresh out of the mountain for the first time said:

"And I thought we would just patrol the underway and the mines in the mountains. I never imagined I'd find myself near Athel Loren one day".

The company laughed and cheered their mugs, filled with ale. The eldest in the company, the Ironwarden, Thrak, replied, with a grin on his face

"Just wait till the forest wakes up"


3x3 Table

1400 pts

Battle Line


Wood Elves

Drycha lvl 2 of Shadow (Enfeebling foe, Withering)

20x Eternal Guard w/shields & FC
16x Dryads

5x Sisters of The Thorn
3x Treekin w/Elder
10x Deepwood Scouts

1x Treeman


Lord w/ Rune of Snorri (2+ to hit, always), shield & 2x rune of iron.
Runesmith w/ Rune of spellbreaking, Great Weapon
Thane BSB, Great Weapon

15x Thunderers w/Shields & FC
20x Longbeards w/Shields & FC

1x Cannon w/Rune of Forging & Rune of Burning

1x Organ Gun w/Rune of Forging
10x Irondrakes w/FC


Wood Elves: My main concern for this game is the cannon. Can my treeman survive the first two turns? Also, after seeing his list, do I have the hammer to break that 20 man longbeard unit with characters?

Dwarfs: I have some flaming attacks to bring down the treeman and treekin. If he gets Pit of Shades or Mindrazor, I'm going to be in trouble. Also, can I survive all that poison?



The battlefield featured an impassable rock formation in the middle of the Dwarf line, two forests and a Bretonnian chapel.
Dwarfs formed with Thunderers up top, the artillery crews of the cannon and Organ Gun next to them and the big unit of Longbeards close below. On the other side of the rock formation, the irondrakes.
The Wood Elves formed with the Dryads and Drycha up top, the unit of Eternal Guard next to them and then scouting and vanguarding, the two units of Deepwood Scouts and the Sisters of The Thorn.
Slumbering in the woods, awaiting their wake up call were the Treekin and Treeman.


Charges: none

Movement: Dryads and Eternal Guard march up. Sisters of the Thorn take a flanking position and the Treeman and Treekin awake.

treeman & Treekin wake up in a nearby forest.

treeman & Treekin wake up in a nearby forest.

Magic: A weak magic phase yields nothing for Drycha.

Shooting: All Deepwood Scouts go after cannon and take down one of its crew members. But two remain.
Sisters of the Thorn go after Irondrakes and can't do much either, but generate 1 wound.


Charges: none

Movement: Irondrakes perform a swift reform to face the Sisters of the Thorn.

Shooting: The Cannon first aims at the Treeman and rolls what it needs to hit him. On a 2+, the Treeman would be wounded and likely fall...!

A roll of a "1" means the Treeman is alive.
Organ Gun aims at the Eternal Guard and kills 6! The resulting panic test is failed and the Eternal Guard turn away from the battle a whopping 9''!
Irondrakes shoot at the Sisters but generate only 1 wound thanks to the Elves' 4+ Ward.



Charges: none.
Deciding that the Treekin & Treeman were a bit too far for a charge (needing 10s), the player chooses to move just to the edge of the woods instead, hoping to survive one more volley and charge next turn. In addition, the Dryads were too far behind to provide support. The Eternal Guard were running away, too far to provide support as well.

Movement: Deepwood Scouts near Treekin and Treeman march sideways, towards the chapel, to allow for Treekin & Treeman to pass by. Both Forest Spirit units march to the edge of the forest with the Dryads following closely behind.

Magic: Another weak phase. Drycha doesn't want to blow herself up before battle truly commences. So she attempts The Withering on the Irondrakes, but is dispelled.

Shooting: Poison doesn't pay off this turn as the Deepwood Scouts fail to do much on the cannon yet again.
The Sisters of the Thorn produce a 2nd wound on the Irondrakes, as they continue their dance around.

Combat: None


Charges: none

Movement: Irondrakes swift reform once again to fire at the Sisters of the Thorn and kill 2 more. Leaving only 2, who pass the panic test.
Cannon aims at Treeman once more and gets a direct hit yet again! With a roll of 4, which doubled thanks to the Rune of Burning, The Treeman can't save all 8 wounds and he perishes.

Treeman goes down.

Treeman goes down.

Organ Gun aims at Treekin and even though it was hitting at long range and into the forest it managed a lot of hits and wounds. In the end, only 1 Treekin remains, the elder.
massive shooting phase for the Dwarfen Throng.


Charges: All of them! Dryads charge Thunderers who hadn't done much up to this point. Stand and shoot doesn't do much either.
Lone Treekin charges Organ Gun and makes it in.

Movement: Following the rally from the Eternal Guards, they march up once more.
he remaining two Sisters of the Thorn march in front of Longbeards in an attempt to prevent them from charges the Dryads' flank.
eepwood Scouts near the combat position themselves closer to try and shoot the cannon.
econd Deepwood Scout unit moves closer to Irondrakes.

Magic: Curse of Anrehir goes off on Thunderers but the Withering is dispelled.

Shooting: A whole lot of nothing.

Combat: Dryads and Thunderers fight fiercely, but each suffer few wounds.
Combat Resolution had the Dryads with a charge, 2 wounds and a rank. Thunderers had 1 wound, a rank and a banner. Thunderers hold, however.

Treekin is able to do 1 wound on the Organ Gun, but can't finish it off.


Charges: Longbeards charge Sisters of the Thorn who hold heroically.

Shooting: Cannon shoots at Eternal Guard producing 2 wounds.
Irondrakes go after the Deepwood Scouts killing two and making the remaining 3 run away in fear.

Combat: Dryads and Thunderers continue their fight.

2 more Thunderers go down, as do 2 Dryads.
1 more crew from the Organ Gun goes down as well.
Longbeards eliminate the two Sisters of the Thorn and overrun to hit the Deepwood Scouts.


Charges: Eternal Guard declare a charge on the Irondrakes who stand and shoot. The Guards fail their charge and take heavy casualties.

Movement: Deepwood Scouts rally behind the Eternal Guard.

Magic: A weak phase with a 2 and 1 rolled, and The Withering on the Thunderers gets "Rune of Spellbroken".

Shooting: None

Combat: The Longbeards easily take care of the Deepwood Scouts behind their Lord's and Thane's axes and reform to face Dryads.
The lone Treekin finally finishes off the Organ Gun crew and reforms to face the Cannon crew.
Dryads take 2 wounds (losing their rank) while the Thunderers lose one member of their unit.

Combat Resolution sees the Dryads with 1 wound only, while the Thunderers had 2 wounds and a banner. Dryads roll a 9 and run away.


Charges: Longbeards charge Treekin.
rondrakes charge Eternal Guard.

Movement: Thunderers reform to face the battle.

Shooting: none.

Combat: Longbeards kill the Elder Treekin and reform to phase the Eternal Guard & Irondrake match up.
rondrakes dispatch most Eternal Guard with ease thanks to the Strength 5 on the charge.

 With the battle decided, Drycha runs back to the forest with remaining Deepwood Scouts.

Thrak turns to Snorri who survived his first battle and says:

"Fun, eh lad?"


Wood Elves: Wow.. Not a whole lot went right for me today. The cannon had a laser, Drycha couldn't get almost a single Shadow spell off at all during the entire game. Eternal Guard running away in turn 1 or 2 hurt.
knew I couldn't touch the Longbeard unit without major help and flanks. I tried to disrupt as much as possible. But once the Treeman and Treekin went down, I knew I was in trouble.
wish my poison would have done a bit more.

Dwarfs: A good day! I was able to shut down Drycha's magic phase thanks to a bit of luck. Cannon did its job, as did the Organ Gun. I think once the Treeman and Treekin went down, and without Pit of Shades, I felt good about it. My shooting phases were really good for the most part. Just, one of those good days.