Live From The Old World - Ep. 8 - Dwarfs vs Tomb Kings

In what will be a quasi-narrative series, this episode is a follow up to the last one. As a result, a new lord had to step in for the Dwarfs and the organ gun that this throng had was destroyed. So the Dwarfs couldn't bring it.


Following the Tomb King defeat written in legend as part of Episode 7, one liche wanted revenge. Turns out the defeated Tomb King was a loyal follower of the one and only Great Necromancer, Nagash. As a result, when news traveled down to sands of his demise, Arkhan The Black was not pleased. Swearing to enact revenge on the Dwarfs, he set off heading to the grey mountains with a mighty army. One that surely would bring down that infamous Dwarfen throng. Who will lead the throng in their time of need?


3x3 Table

1400 pts

Battle Lines



Runelord on Anvil of Doom
Thane BSB w/ GW
Runesmith w/GW & 1x rune of spellbreaking

20x Longbeards w/shields & FC
15x Thunderers w/shields & FC

1x Cannon w/Rune of Forging
1x Grudge Thrower

10x Irondrakes w/FC

Tomb Kings

Arkhan The Black lvl 5 of Death
Spells: Spirit Leech (magic damage to model) , Soulblight (-1 Str and Tough), Doom & Darkness (-3 Leadership), The Fate of Bjuna (Magical damage to model), Purple Sun of Xereus (Vortex Spell)

3x Skeleton Chariots w/ musician & banner
5x Skeleton Warriors w/FC , light armour and shields. (Note: Models depict spears, but these weren't used).
5x Horse Archers

20x Tomb Guard w/FC & Halberds
2x Tomb Scorpion

1x Casket of Souls


Dwarfs: I have only thought: Purple Sun, Purple Sun, Purple Sun, Purple Sun, Purple Sun, Purple Sun.
Tomb Kings: Can I move up the board fast enough without marching or desert wind from lore of Neherkara? I chose not to bring a lvl 1 of Neherkara for points. Will that cost me?



Tomb kings left to right: Tomb guard block, casket behind house, horde of 35 warriors, 3 chariots and horse archers scouting. Tomb Scorpions are entombed beneath the sands.
Dwarfs left to right: Runelord on anvil of doom, 10 Irondrakes, 20 Longbeards in front of cannon and 15 Thunderers. Grudge Thrower in the corner.


Charges: None

Movement: Irondrakes march up, Longbeards move up their massive 3''.

Image was taken after shooting phase.

Image was taken after shooting phase.

Magic: Thunderers get immune to psychology buff, but +1 armor is dispelled.

Shooting: Thunderers take out two horse archers. Grudge thrower aims at casket and...

Direct hit!

Direct hit!

Ward save doesn't save anyone and it's a 5 rolled on wounds and the casket is gone!
Cannon shoots at chariots producing 2 wounds.

Combat: None.


Charges: None

Movement: Everyone moved up their maximum, with the horse archers making straight for the Grudge Thrower.

Magic: Purple Sun got dispelled with a double 6.

Shooting: Horse Archers and chariots all go for the grudge thrower, hopefully for some lucky 6's. One goes through and the Grudge Thrower is down to 2 wounds.


Charges: None

Movement: None

Magic: Immune to psychology goes off on Thunderers again. Rest gets dispelled.

Shooting: Thunderers take out remaining horse archers, Grudge Thrower and Cannon go for Chariots inflicting wounds.

Chariots are down to 1 model!

Chariots are down to 1 model!


Charges: Tomb guard go for a longbomb 11'' charge, thinking 50-50 chance to get same movement they would have had otherwise, or more. But roll a 2 and a 1.

Movement: Tomb Scorpions arrive with precision. Warriors and chariot move up.

Magic: Purple Sun goes off but is dispelled with the Rune of Spellbreaking.

Shooting: None.


Charges: None

Movement: Choosing to finish off the chariot instead of reforming, Dwarfs opt for no moves.

Magic: Rune of Wrath and Ruin goes off on the Tomb Scorpion irresistibly. 2d6 Str 4 hits on closest model yields 2 wounds. Rest gets dispelled.

Shooting: Chariot is finished off and Irondrakes put 2 more wounds on Tomb Guard. Cannon misfires, but does no additional damage to itself. Grudge Thrower aims at Arkhan's head but deviates and misses.

Combat: none


Charges: All of them! Tomb Guard charge irondrakes, who stands and shoot produce 2 more wounds.
Skeleton warriors declare a charge on longbeards, but fail it.
Tomb Scorpion with 2 wounds charges at cannon.  2nd Tomb Scorpion charges at the back of the Thunderers.

Magic: Arkhan channels all his power for a big Purple Sun and... (Remember, Arkhan is a lvl 5 wizard).

Purple Sun goes off in the direction of the longbeards who are unable to react in time.

Many longbeards perish.

Many longbeards perish.

Half the longbeard unit perishes. But the Thane & Runesmith survive!
Arkhan attempts a Spirit Leech on the Thane, but is weakened by the strength of the Purple Sun and fails to cast.

Irondrakes vs Tomb Guard: Tomb Guard produce 4 wounds, with no killing blows. Only 6+ armour and 6+ ward saves can them now and..

Irondrakes are saved!

Irondrakes are saved!

Irondrakes do some damage in return and combat resolution yields a massive win for the 'drakes.

Tomb Scorpion vs Cannon: Tomb Scorpion produces 2 wounds, but not enough to kill the model outright.
Tomb Scorpion vs Thunderers: Tomb Scorpion takes a wound, but inflicts 2-3 in return. Thunderers lose but need a re-rollable "5" and GET IT! They hold!
Thunderers then reform to face the Scorpion.


Charges: Longbeards attempt a charge at the warriors but fall short.

Magic: Thunderers get +1to their armor save. Rest is disapelled.

Shooting: Grudge Thrower attempts a shot at the warriors with no luck.

Combat: Irondrakes finish off the last Tomb Guard and reform.
Tomb Scorpion kills cannon and reforms to face longbeards' rear.
Tomb Scorpion #2 is unable to inflict wounds, suffered one in return and combat resolution sees him crumbling to dust.


Charges: Skeleton Warriors charge longbeards. Tomb Scorpion also charges longbeards. Both make it in.

Magic: Soublight gets dispelled. Spirit leech on Runelord on the anvil of doom goes off and he takes 3 wounds. Down to 2.

Combat: Skeleton Warriors do damage and combat resolution (charge, rear, ranks, etc) sees the longbeards running! Both units chase and the catch.


Charges: None possible.

Movement: Both the Irondrakes & Thunderers reform.

Magic: Nothing goes off.

Shooting: Irondrakes are the only unit that can fire, as Thunderers are "move or shoot". They produce some wounds on the Warriors.
rudge Thrower aims at the Tomb Scorpion and... direct hit! Tomb Scoprino doesn't survive a rock to the face.

Combat: None.


Charges: None possible.

Movement: Warriors reform from ten wide, to 7 wide because per measurements that was the only way to keep both units in the front. Otherwise, Thunderers could had charged the flank.

Magic: The game can still be won with a strong magic phase and.... Double 1's are rolled. Runelord is not in front arc. Soulblight is attempted needing an 8, but failed.


Charges: Thunderers and Irondrakes charge Skeleton Warriors.

Magic: Rune of Hearth & Home gives the Thunderers immune to psychology. +1 armor rune is dispelled.

Combat: Thunderers & Irondrakes inflict some damage, but take some in return. Some Skeleton Warriors crumble, but it's still close.

Final combat of the game

Final combat of the game


Magic: Soulblight is dispelled with double 6s. Thunderers get Doom & Darkness.

Combat: Lot of damage is inflicted on Warriors, this time. Thunderers are holding strong. Arkhan does some damage too.

Arkhan is having 2nd thoughts.

Arkhan is having 2nd thoughts.

At the end of turn 6, Arkhan's army is down to himself and 5 Skeleton Warriors. The Dwarf army has taken heavy casualties and is left with 5 Irondrakes, 12 Thunderers, The Grudge Thrower and the Runelord.

Seeing that victory is escaping his grasps, Arkhan the Black sounds the retreat and uses his dark magic to escape. The Dwarfs have been victorious but at great cost. The hero of the previous battle, the Thane, succumbed to injuries as he was run down. But, it was a victory of the Dwarfs none the less.


Dwarfs: Survived the Purple Sun. The spellbreaking and double 6's dispelling came in handy. The clutch four 6's from the 'drakes were huge too. Had I lost that battle, I would have been in big big trouble. The Irondrakes keep surprising me when they get into close combat. Str 4 Tough 4, with 6+ ward and 4+ armor is stronger than you'd think.

Tomb Kings: It was my first time trying Arkhan and the Lore of Death. Purple Sun did its thing with the longbeards. The Tomb Guard disappointed. No Killing Blows, and losing battle to the irondrakes. Tomb Scorpions can't do much more than go war machine hunting it seems.
Losing casket in turn 1 sucked.
always had magic dice advantage thanks to being able to store power dice (Arkhan's staff) and lvl 5, but with clutch double 6's and the dispel rune, I was a bit limited. Soulblight never went off and I couldn't snipe a character either.

What did you think of the battle? Comment below and let us know! Thank you for reading!